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The Websea Ambassador Program stands as a collaborative initiative focused on establishing connections with dedicated users of Websea across the globe. Ambassadors, serving as passionate and influential members of the Websea community, are entrusted with the responsibilities of elevating awareness, igniting interest, fostering engagement, and expanding the Websea community. They play a crucial role as intermediaries, connecting Websea with their local communities, facilitating global outreach, and contributing significantly to the community’s overall growth.

Program Details

Task Categories:

  1. Zealy Tasks:

Zealy Tasks encompass a variety of categories such as Graphic, Video, Meme, Tutorial, Investment Research Report, and Other Creative Tasks. These tasks are further classified into one-time, daily, weekly, and special tasks. Each task carries a unique point value, and participants accrue points upon successful completion, subject to verification by a Websea Community Manager. For detailed information on Zealy tasks, visit the official guidelines.

One-time Tasks:

– Register on the Websea trading platform

– Follow Websea on Twitter

– Join the Telegram community and Announcement channel

Daily Tasks:

– Engage through promotional tweets

– Share insights in other cryptocurrency communities

– Create and share Websea-related memes and promotional posters

Weekly Tasks:

– Generate substantial content such as videos and articles

– Complete weekly Gleam tasks

– Actively invite people to join Websea’s online communities

Special Tasks:

– Temporary tasks like guiding marketing campaigns

– Assistance in user participation (e.g., Websea Army leading a marketing campaign)

  1. Creative Tasks:

– Adherence to Brand Guidelines

– Dissemination of Correct and Positive Information

– Tasks include Graphic, Video, Meme, Tutorial, Investment Research Report, and Other Creative Contributions.

  1. Community Activation Tasks:

– Be an active and engaged community member

– Guide other users

– Respond promptly to official announcements

– Foster positive discussions within the community

  1. Special Tasks (Details):

– Higher Point Rewards

– Stringent Review Criteria

Task Submission:

After completing tasks, participants compile evidence, including links and screenshots, in a Google Doc. The participants then submit the Doc’s link, along with their Websea UID, to the Community Manager, @eniitantheeg on Telegram.

Ranking and Reward System

Participants are ranked based on earned points each week, determining the following rewards:

– 1st–5th place: 50u in WBS

– 6th–10th place: 20u in WBS

– 11th–20th place: 10u in WBS

This structured program not only reinforces the engagement of Websea enthusiasts but also establishes a dynamic framework for community-driven growth. The expansion of the program aims to fortify these connections and propel Websea into new heights of recognition and influence.