Cedro Finance Ambassador Program

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Cedro Finance, a cross-chain decentralized liquidity protocol, facilitates lending and borrowing of assets across multiple chains with low transaction fees. Lenders enhance platform liquidity, and borrowers access funds in an overcollateralized manner.

Program Highlights

Cedro Finance introduces its Ambassador Program, presenting enticing opportunities and incentives for diverse individuals, including content creators, designers, developers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts.


A comprehensive framework of the Cedro Finance Ambassador Program is accessible here.

(Note: The structure is evolving, with anticipated updates in a few days.)


Expand your blockchain industry network.

Connect with professionals for new perspectives and opportunities.

Enjoy financial incentives linked to your involvement level.

Potential pathway to a role within Cedro’s team.

Join now – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqRQwhGS_N5i1kj5HO3b9V26yJAkRlsRPHDsecJJvId9vAgQ/viewform