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Alephium’s community engagement has advanced with feedback and support, leading to the Ambassador Program, the next phase shaping the project’s future. It aims for a more structured and inclusive community involvement approach.

Program Overview
The Ambassador Program offers opportunities for community members interested in management, content creation, social media events, technical support, and more. It includes diverse roles collaborating closely with core contributors.

These roles encompass content creators (writers, videographers, podcast hosts), conversation moderators, local community builders, translators, and more. The program seeks individuals passionate about amplifying Alephium’s global voice.

The program focuses on three goals: boosting Alephium’s visibility, enhancing community engagement, and expanding capabilities in media, languages, and geographic areas. Ambassador rewards include monetary compensation, Alephium’s online store swag, direct communication with core contributors, and a special NFT collection.

The program plans to accept up to 10 ambassadors for the first cohort. Interested individuals can apply by January 20, 2024, through the provided link. Alephium will evaluate applications, contact candidates via email, and accepted individuals will commit to the program for a minimum of three months.

Structure and Benefits
Ambassadors receive rewards based on both quantitative and qualitative contributions, with the potential to earn up to $5000 in $ALPH per month. Additional benefits include online store swag, direct communication with core contributors, and a unique NFT collection.

Alternative Engagement
Those who don’t qualify can still contribute through the community rewards program, requiring content submission via a designated form. Alephium also plans to introduce a monthly rewards program on the Zealy platform for active and efficient users.

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