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The ZKX DAO Contributor Program marks the initial step towards a decentralized ecosystem governed by the community, aiming to identify outstanding contributors representing ZKX DAO and expanding its presence in emerging markets.

Program Structure

ZKX DAO’s first Working Group consists of initial contributors forming the foundation.

Flexible Hours: Active from January to July 2024, contributors customize involvement and receive compensation in $ZKX tokens.

Collaboration with ZKX Core Team: Close cooperation ensures ongoing progress monitoring and alignment with objectives.

Evolution of Working Groups: Successful groups may evolve into sub-DAOs with individual USDC budgets.

Program Details

Passionate contributors sought with skills in business development, strategic acumen, financial expertise, trading analysis, and content creation. Roles include Regional Contributors, Financial Analysts, and Content Creators.

Regional Contributor: Develop and execute regional business strategies, expand ZKX’s regional presence, and establish connections with local partners. Apply Here

Financial Analyst: Analyze asset price movements, moving indicators, and share insights with traders. Apply Here

Content Creator: Produce engaging content related to market movements, educational materials, and videos. Apply Here

Application Process

  1. Submit an application for the desired role with a filled-out job description.
  2. Successful applicants proceed to an interview with the ZKX Core Team.
  3. Accepted contributors join a dedicated Discord channel for collaboration with the ZKX Core Team.

If you’re eager to contribute to ZKX DAO and be part of its growth, consider this your invitation. Prior exchange experience is a bonus. Apply now for an exciting journey with ZKX!