Wormhole Fellowship Program

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About Wormhole

Wormhole, the industry-standard cross-chain messaging protocol for Web3 applications, grants developers access to liquidity and users across 20+ blockchain networks. Trusted by prominent teams like Circle and Uniswap, the Wormhole network has facilitated over $35 billion in cross-chain transactions.

Program Details

The Wormhole Fellowship empowers community members to represent the Wormhole ecosystem. It emphasizes raising awareness, fostering community passion, and establishing community members as true Wormhole fellows.

Wormhole Fellowship Levels

  1. Initiate:


– Complete and approve the application process.

– Undergo the initial onboarding call.

– Join the Wormhole Discord server and receive the Initiate role.

  1. Jr. Fellow:


– One month of fellowship membership.

– Competent understanding of Wormhole and its ecosystem.

– Make meaningful program contributions.


– Exclusive Wormhole merch package.

– Content amplification through official Wormhole channels.

– Jr. Fellow Discord role.

  1. Fellow:


– Proven track record of quality contributions.

– Superior knowledge of Wormhole and its ecosystem.

– At least three months of fellowship membership.


– Everything in the Jr. Fellow tier.

– Opportunity for conference and event travel expense coverage.

– Fellow Discord role.

  1. Sr. Fellow:


– Consistent production of excellent contributions.

– Demonstrated leadership capability.

– At least four months of fellowship membership.


– Everything in the Fellow tier.

– Access to funding for launching Wormhole initiatives.

– Potential pathway to a full-time web3 job as a Wormhole contributor.

– Sr. Fellow Discord role.


Members are encouraged to contribute through content creation, translations, event organizing, technical contributions, and community relations/support. The program utilizes a task board system detailing specific tasks for members.

Rewards and Recognition

The Wormhole Fellowship offers unique recognition, rewards, and benefits as fellows progress, including merch packages, leadership roles, and potential full-time positions within the Wormhole ecosystem.

How to Apply

  1. Follow Wormhole on social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, YouTube) and check the Website and Blog.
  2. Join the Discord community and actively engage.
  3. Fill out the program signup form to begin the journey.