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About Waves Ambassador DAO

The Waves Ambassador DAO is a crucial platform facilitating transparent communication, task clarity, and community involvement for Waves Ambassadors. Ambassadors receive a compelling 10% monthly staking interest.

Program Overview

Participation Steps:

1. Twitter Presence:

– Utilize provided images as Twitter header and avatar.

– Incorporate the Waves emoji 🌊 into your account name.

– Clearly state your affiliation as a @wavesprotocol and @pwrdao Ambassador in your Twitter bio.

2. Form Submission:

– Complete the registration form.

3. Join Telegram Group:

– Connect with fellow Ambassadors and stay informed about the latest news.

Monthly Tasks and Staking Interest

Ambassadors must fulfill specific tasks to qualify for the 10% monthly staking interest, with task details regularly communicated within the DAO. Important announcements and updates will be shared in the group.

Committee Election

A committee, elected through a voting system within the DAO, oversees task completion, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability within the community.


– Financial Incentives: Ambassadors enjoy a 10% monthly staking interest.

– Community Engagement: Ambassadors contribute significantly to the Waves ecosystem.

– Active Contribution: Ambassadors actively contribute to the growth and success of the Waves community.

How to Apply

Follow these steps to become a Waves Ambassador:

1. Maintain a visible Twitter presence with specified elements.

2. Complete the registration form.

3. Join the Telegram group for community interaction.