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War of Coins Ambassador Program: Uniting Warriors for Mainnet Launch and Beyond

War of Coins, an innovative blockchain platform offering play-to-earn gaming experiences, is thrilled to announce its Ambassador Program in celebration of its mainnet launch. From April 8th to July 8th, participants have the opportunity to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the platform and contributing to community growth.

🗓️ Campaign Timeline: April 8th – July 8th (3 months)

💰 Reward Allocation:

  • Total USDT Allocation: 3000U (1000U per month)
  • Token boxes as additional rewards

📈 Tiered Rewards:

  • Three tiers based on the number of invites (top 26 ambassadors rewarded)
  • Rewards include USDT and token boxes (based on monthly performance)
  • Minimum valid referrals required for each tier

🏆 Reward Criteria:

  • Number of valid referrals invited
  • Referred users must complete at least one trade on the War of Coins Arena
  • Community engagement and feedback considered in case of ties

🌟 Key Responsibilities:

  • Onboard warriors to the mainnet Arena dApp
  • Promote the benefits of the War of Coins Legion
  • Gather community feedback and participate in events
  • Remain active on community chats

💼 Application Process:

  • Contact the Community Manager on Discord: @serraromina or Telegram: @antoniogrande1

🔗 Referral Link: Access your unique referral link on https://arena.warofcoins.com/rewards under the “Connect & Refer” tab

🛡️ Active Referrals: Users become active referrals upon making an options purchase and linking their Discord account on Arena

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the War of Coins Ambassador Program! Join forces with fellow warriors, conquer the crypto realm, and earn exciting rewards!

Official links:

🌐: http://warofcoins.com
🔗: https://link3.to/warofcoins
💬: https://discord.gg/4B8w8p8bNK