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About the InvArch Ambassador Program: Expanding Opportunities for Community Growth

The InvArch Ambassador Program stands as a burgeoning initiative, with applications now open for those eager to join the InvArch Embassy, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) poised to launch on the network, governed by InvArch Network Ambassadors.

Purpose and Funding: Elevating InvArch Awareness

The InvArch Embassy’s foundation is rooted in the treasuries of both InvArch and Tinker Parachain, supplemented by continuous funding through DAO Staking. Its primary objective is to amplify awareness of the InvArch Network, utilizing education and outreach strategies to foster community growth.

Structure: A Multi-Bodied DAO

The InvArch Embassy is envisioned as a multi-faceted DAO, initially comprising 15 Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will shoulder unique responsibilities based on their designated roles within the DAO structure.

Perks of Being an @InvArchEmbassy Ambassador:

Joining the ranks of @InvArchEmbassy Ambassadors comes with a host of benefits, including:

  1. Early Updates: Ambassadors receive timely updates directly from the InvArch team, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest developments.
  2. Exclusive Swag: Access to the latest and most exclusive InvArch merchandise.
  3. Event Representation: Ambassadors enjoy support and recognition when representing InvArch at various events.
  4. On-Chain Payroll System: The opportunity to establish an on-chain payroll system, adding a layer of transparency and efficiency to the ambassadorial process.

Program Objective: An Experiment in Sustainable Success

The InvArch Embassy program is not just an initiative; it is an experiment seeking substantial and self-sustaining success. InvArch Network actively seeks out passionate individuals who can grasp the significance of this opportunity and contribute to its realization.

How to Join: Seize the Opportunity

For those who believe they possess the skills to nurture community growth, educate others, and embody the pioneering spirit of a DAO representative, the InvArch Embassy beckons. Applications are currently open, but prospective Ambassadors are urged to act swiftly, as the application window will close on September 13th. Join the InvArch Ambassador Program and be a catalyst for the continued success and expansion of the InvArch Network.