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The Subsquid Ambassador Program seeks to engage and empower community members across various teams, laying the groundwork for their progression into full-fledged Subsquid ambassadors. To initiate the program, two teams—Team Sonar and Team Abyss—have been introduced.

Team Sonar

Dedicated to content creation, advocacy, and engagement focused on decentralized data, Team Sonar caters to marketers, writers, crypto enthusiasts, and educators within the Subsquid community. Joining Team Sonar offers several advantages:

  1. Educational Value: Gain insights into Subsquid and the broader crypto landscape, deepening your understanding of topics like blockchain indexing and data accessibility.
  2. Exclusive Channels: Membership provides access to exclusive Discord channels for specialized quests and challenges, potentially leading to rewards.
  3. Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts, fostering collaborations and career opportunities.
  4. Impact: Contribute directly to Subsquid’s growth, establishing yourself as a stakeholder.
  5. Ambassadorship: Exceptional contributions can lead to an Ambassador role, offering enhanced engagement and benefits within the Subsquid ecosystem.

Team Abyss

Catering to blockchain developers, engineers, and tech enthusiasts intrigued by the technical aspects of decentralized data, Team Abyss offers:

  1. Skill-Building: A platform to refine technical skills, gain insights into Subsquid’s technology, and guide aspiring developers.
  2. Content Creation: An opportunity to create and share technical content, tutorials, and guides demystifying Subsquid’s technology.
  3. Exclusive Access: Entry to specialized Discord channels for advanced quests and technical challenges, along with networking opportunities.
  4. Become a Subsquid Expert: Outstanding contributions can earn you the title of Subsquid Technical Ambassador, providing more opportunities within the ecosystem.

How to Join Team Sonar or Team Abyss

Initiate your journey with Zealy: Access the respective Zealy track using the provided invite link and embark on a series of quests designed to deepen your Subsquid knowledge.

Engage with the Community: Share your progress and insights as you complete quests, contributing to a culture of collective learning.

Earn Your Role: Complete the quests to earn the Team Sonar or Team Abyss Role, signifying your active and contributing community membership.

How to Apply

While membership in Team Sonar or Team Abyss doesn’t immediately confer ambassador status, it does integrate you into the Subsquid Ambassador Program. To discover more, join their Discord or commence your journey on Zealy promptly.