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About Skytopia: Skytopia is a Web3-based gaming and entertainment social ecosystem aiming to revolutionize entertainment through decentralized sovereignty, innovative finance, and immersive experiences.

Welcome to the Skytopia Ambassador Program: Join our team of passionate individuals dedicated to expanding the Skytopia community and shaping the future of gaming, NFTs, and crypto.

Role of a Skytopia Ambassador:

  • Promote Skytopia on various social media platforms by creating engaging content and responding to community feedback.
  • Provide valuable feedback to the Skytopia team based on community interactions.
  • Recruit new members to the Skytopia community through personal networks and targeted outreach.

Incentives for Ambassadors:

  • Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes information about upcoming features and developments.
  • Early or exclusive access to certain Skytopia NFTs and collections.
  • Potential token airdrops or other rewards for meeting engagement or recruitment goals.
  • Skytopia-branded merchandise and more.

Selection Criteria:

  • Strong social media presence with effective communication skills.
  • Passion for NFTs, crypto, and Web3 gaming with a deep understanding of their potential.
  • Excellent communication skills and commitment to the Skytopia mission and goals.

If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining the Skytopia Ambassador Program, please fill out the form below.

Official links:

Google form Linktree Website Telegram Discord Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube