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Roseon is dedicated to advancing crypto adoption by offering user-friendly experiences and incorporating gamification into its products. The current lineup includes RoseonX, a gamified perpetual DEX, and RoseonApp, a comprehensive mobile crypto app. The ecosystem caters to diverse crypto needs accessible via mobile or web, providing an intuitive user interface for newcomers.

The Roseon Ambassador Program aligns with the mission to simplify the crypto journey and make it accessible and enjoyable. The program has specific objectives:

  1. Spread Awareness and Support:

– Generate buzz about Roseon through social media discussions and sharing Roseon-related content.

– Maintain informative and welcoming official social media channels to drive adoption.

– Share knowledge and build brand awareness on platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

– Actively promote Roseon’s services locally and represent the brand at crypto events.

  1. Community Building:

– Connect with group owners, influencers, and potential partners.

– Provide connections to executive networks, investors, partners, and potential clients.

Requirements for Community Ambassadors:

– Solid knowledge of Roseon’s products and services.

– Understanding of Crypto, DeFi, GambleFi, and a general grasp of blockchain technology.

– Proficiency in written and spoken English, with a bonus for having a crypto community.

Benefits for Community Ambassadors:

– Monthly rewards.

– Receive an NFT after a 3-month probation period.

– Revenue share of trading fees based on referrals.

– Full training and potential full-time opportunities at Roseon.

Trading Ambassadors:

Trading Ambassadors can monetize their traffic and earn crypto commissions by promoting RoseonX. Responsibilities include supporting and promoting RoseonX activities, sharing content about trading, attracting new users, and building connections to drive trading volume growth.

Requirements for Trading Ambassadors:

– Good knowledge of Roseon’s products and services.

– Expertise in crypto trading, with a bonus for having an existing trading community.

Benefits for Trading Ambassadors:

– Monthly rewards.

– Revenue share of trading fees based on referrals.

– Receive an NFT after a 3-month probation period.

How to Apply:

– Fill out the required information.

– Submit and await the team’s response.