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About Prime Protocol:
Prime Protocol stands as a cross-chain prime brokerage, enabling users to leverage their entire portfolio of cross-chain assets for borrowing purposes.
Program Overview:
The launch of the Prime+ Ambassadors Program represents a significant stride in empowering the Prime Protocol community. Ambassadors will actively contribute to steering the community’s growth, working closely with the Prime team to enhance the project.
Upon launch, Ambassadors have the option to join one of the following teams:
1. Content Collective: Generate guides, videos, memes, etc., to propagate awareness about Prime.
2. Research: Delve into integrations, explore various protocols, and pinpoint opportunities for PRIME.
3. Prime App Champions: Exclusively for community members actively engaged with the Prime App.
Assigned Tasks:
Ambassadors will undertake the following tasks:
1. Content creation to enhance awareness.
2. Research on integrations and identification of opportunities for PRIME.
3. Active utilization and promotion of the Prime App.
Ambassadors will reap the following benefits:
1. Contribute to shaping the future of Prime while gaining practical experience in community building.
2. Exclusive access to Discord Lounges reserved for full members.
3. Early opportunities to partake in bounties and beta test new products.
4. Priority consideration for providing feedback on the protocol.
5. Invitations to Prime’s events, fostering connections with fellow enthusiasts.
6. Earn Prime Points (specific details not provided).
How to Apply:
To join the Prime+ Ambassadors program, interested individuals should follow these steps:
1. Fill out the application form below.
2. The team seeks cryptocurrency enthusiasts with diverse skills, including designers, developers, community gurus, or experienced Prime App users.