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Polkadot Ambassador Program Mandate


This document outlines the mandate for the proposed Polkadot Ambassador Program, which aims to establish an on-chain, rank-based collective system.


The program seeks to empower Ambassadors who can represent Polkadot beyond its existing community and attract new participants to the Polkadot ecosystem. Ambassadors play a role similar to business development, outreach, and relationship management. Their responsibilities include introducing individuals and organizations to Polkadot, speaking at events, hosting gatherings, and facilitating partnerships.

While anyone can perform these tasks independently, formal recognition through the Ambassador title enhances the effectiveness of their work and helps build crucial relationships.

Rank-Based System

The program will operate with four ranks, listed from highest to lowest:

  1. Head Ambassador (HA): The most influential group of Ambassadors, appointed or removed through a general token-holder referendum on a new Ambassador Admin track. HAs are expected to dedicate significant time to their role, effectively represent Polkadot, and possess in-depth knowledge of Web3 technologies, Polkadot’s design decisions, and comparisons with other blockchain tech stacks.
  2. Senior Ambassador (SA): Experienced Ambassadors who contribute actively to the program. SAs assist in leadership tasks, engage with the community, and promote Polkadot.
  3. Ambassador: Ambassadors actively participate in outreach, events, and partnership activities. They represent Polkadot and contribute to its growth.
  4. Candidate Ambassador (CA): Aspiring Ambassadors who demonstrate potential and are in the process of proving their commitment to the program.

On-Chain Collective

The rank-based system will be managed on-chain, allowing decentralized membership management. Additionally, an organization treasury will handle salaries, event costs, and other expenses related to program objectives.


  • Head Ambassadors: Lead the program, represent Polkadot, and possess extensive knowledge of Web3 and Polkadot.
  • Senior Ambassadors: Support leadership tasks and actively engage with the community.
  • Ambassadors: Participate in outreach, events, and partnership activities.
  • Candidate Ambassadors: Prove their commitment and potential to become full Ambassadors.

The Polkadot Ambassador Program aims to strengthen the ecosystem, foster collaboration, and promote Polkadot’s vision in the wider blockchain space.

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