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ParaState Extends Its POLIS Ambassador Program: Empowering Blockchain Community Growth

In response to the rapid growth of its network, ParaState has extended its POLIS Ambassador Program to welcome more members into its community. The program aims to attract individuals who are passionate about blockchain technology, and will provide them with opportunities to contribute to the development and success of the ParaState platform.

By becoming a POLIS Ambassador, participants will have the chance to:

  • Collaborate with fellow community members on various projects, including the deployment of smart contracts and the discovery of bugs within the ParaState ecosystem
  • Gain exclusive access to resources, tools, and support from the ParaState team, empowering them to drive innovation and development within the blockchain space
  • Receive recognition for their contributions and dedication to the growth of the ParaState platform and community

The expansion of the POLIS Ambassador Program reflects ParaState’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged community of blockchain enthusiasts. By encouraging collaboration and sharing of knowledge, the program seeks to accelerate the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology.

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