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About OpenPad: Your One-Stop Gateway to Empower Web3 Projects
Program Overview
The OpenPad Ambassador Program stands as a pioneering initiative geared towards fortifying the connection between OpenPad, its users, and groundbreaking blockchain projects. Operating for almost a year, this program offers diverse benefits to dedicated referrers linking potential projects with OpenPad. By referring promising projects, participants not only secure substantial rewards but also contribute to the overall growth and success of OpenPad.
Eligible Participants:
The OpenPad Ambassador Program welcomes various profiles, including:
– Venture Capitalists
– Media Partners
– Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
– Blockchain Experts
– Well-connected Individuals
– Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts
– Users
– Angel Investors
– And more
Regardless of background, anyone associated with potential projects is encouraged to refer them to OpenPad and become recognized as an OpenPad Ambassador Contributor.
Ambassadors can relish a spectrum of benefits, including:
For Initial DEX Offerings (IDO):
– Receive up to a 2% commission on the total raise of the referred IDO project.
– Secure an allocation of up to $2,000 in the IDO project successfully shared with OpenPad.
For Other Services (Marketing, Incubation, Advisory, Market-Making):
– Earn up to a 5% commission on the first payment in stablecoin (first-month service) for marketing, incubation, advisory, and market-making services.
– Negotiable terms for PR posts, review videos, and other marketing/community activities.
– The opportunity to propose offers for partner connections and more.
Additional Benefits:
– Attain the title of OpenPad Ambassador.
– Gain the privilege to recommend projects for OpenPad launches.
– Access promising projects for potential long-term investments.
– Receive assistance with projects that promote future collaborations and partnerships.
Reward Distribution
Ambassadors will receive their rewards within 7 days after the referred projects successfully list on any exchange.
Primary Responsibilities
Ambassadors are required to fulfill specific tasks to receive their rewards, including:
– Providing all necessary project details.
– Completing the registration process and communicating with Larissa or Eric.
– Establishing a communication channel between OpenPad and the referred project.
How to Apply
To participate in the OpenPad Ambassador Program, contributors can refer projects by following these steps:
– Directly message @larissa0x or @EricOpenPad via Telegram to confirm your participation.
– OpenPad will review the referred projects and respond to the contributors.
Important Note: The OpenPad Team reserves the right to decline certain referrals based on project viability, technical development stage, the competence of the founding team, or any other credibility concerns.