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About the Olive Ambassador Program

The Olive Ambassador Program stands as a testament to the commitment of individuals who harbor a deep passion for the intricacies of DeFi, yield optimization, and the overarching vision of cultivating a more efficient and mature DeFi ecosystem. Designed to empower enthusiasts, the program extends a plethora of benefits and rewards to ambassadors who actively contribute to the education, promotion, and engagement within the Olive community and its protocol.

Program Details

Ambassadors enrolled in the program are entrusted with a diverse range of tasks aimed at fostering community growth and awareness. These tasks include crafting educational content, amplifying Olive-related information across social media platforms, offering constructive feedback, leading Twitter Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, and participating in weekly ambassador calls. A visible sign of commitment is the addition of “Olive Ambassador” to the ambassadors’ Twitter bios.


Educational Content: Ambassadors are expected to generate a minimum of two educational pieces per month, elucidating various aspects of the Olive protocol. The content can take the form of blog posts, threads, or newsletters.

Social Media Engagement: Ambassadors are encouraged to share relevant Olive-related content on social media platforms at least three times per week. This engagement should encompass responding to user comments and inquiries, utilizing various mediums such as threads, infographics, tweets, or videos.

Feedback and Suggestions: Ambassadors play a crucial role in collecting community feedback and submitting a monthly report with actionable suggestions for protocol improvement.

Twitter AMA: Hosting a quarterly Twitter AMA session is part of the ambassador’s role, where they address community questions about Olive, DeFi, and related topics.

Weekly Ambassador Call: Regular participation in the weekly ambassador call with the core Olive team is essential, providing ambassadors with a platform to share their insights.


The Olive Ambassador Program offers a spectrum of rewards, creating a symbiotic relationship between ambassadors and the project.

Get Closer: Ambassadors gain privileged access to the core Olive team, establishing a direct line of communication for deeper collaboration.

Lead the Way: Ambassadors can carve out a niche for themselves as prominent figures in educating, organizing events, and nurturing relationships within the Olive landscape.

Connect and Thrive: The program encourages ambassadors to forge potent bonds with fellow early adopters, fostering collaborations that birth new possibilities.

Exclusive Opportunities: Ambassadors secure eligibility for exclusive upcoming airdrops and bonuses tailored exclusively for them, further solidifying their commitment.

Open Doors: Access to direct support from the dedicated Ambassador Support squad ensures that ambassadors receive the assistance they need promptly.

Stylish Goodies: Ambassadors get the chance to flaunt exclusive merch, setting them apart and showcasing their allegiance to the Olive cause.

Passive Income: Perhaps the most enticing reward, ambassadors stand to receive a share of 5% of the total supply allocated specifically for ambassadors as rewards. This adds a passive income stream, rewarding ongoing dedication to the program.

In conclusion, the Olive Ambassador Program goes beyond mere participation; it is a pathway for individuals to become integral contributors to the growth and success of the Olive ecosystem, while also reaping tangible rewards and recognition.