MOMO Global Ambassador Program

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Empowering Community Building and Driving MOMO Adoption


Official Links

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The MOMO Global Ambassador Program seeks passionate individuals to promote and support the MOMO platform, driving community engagement and fostering platform adoption. As an ambassador, you will play a crucial role in forming community consensus groups, ensuring active management, and aligning with MOMO’s promotional activities.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of MOMO Ambassadors:

  • Community Building: Form a MOMO community consensus group with at least 200 members on platforms such as Telegram, LINE, and WeChat.
  • Engagement and Management: Ensure a monthly activity rate of over 20% within the community, fostering active user participation and support.
  • Promotion and Synchronization: Align with MOMO’s official promotional activities on Twitter, including posts, events, and gameplay strategies.

Benefits of Joining the MOMO Global Ambassador Program:

  • Monthly Token Airdrop: Receive a monthly airdrop of MTOS tokens, equivalent to 150 USD.
  • Daily Draws: Participate in 2 daily draws, totaling 60 draws per month, offering chances to win additional rewards.
  • Kiwis Cards: Receive 10 Kiwis cards monthly, totaling 8000 per month, further enhancing your community engagement.
  • Performance-Based Rewards: Ambassadors are rewarded based on their community-building efforts, engagement, and promotional alignment, with assessments conducted every 1-3 months.

Join the MOMO Global Ambassador Program and contribute to the growth and success of the MOMO platform while earning rewards and expanding your professional network.