Mode Cooperators Ambassador Program

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About Mode, Ethereum’s L2 tailored for builders and users in sync with network expansion, is an integral part of the OP Superchain.

Program Details

Mode Cooperators, an ambassador initiative fostering the growth of the Mode community, aligns with the network’s expansion. The program’s objective is to onboard more users, scale the ecosystem, and encourage collaboration. Cooperators, also known as Coops members, are pivotal in achieving these goals, fostering an Onchain Cooperative where collaboration propels growth, and contributions are equitably rewarded. Participants enjoy benefits like direct access to the core team, career development opportunities, early access to product releases, and competitive rewards.

Program Benefits

Coops members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Direct access to the Mode core team.
  2. Career development through hands-on experience, mentoring, and training.
  3. Exclusive insights into upcoming professional opportunities within the Mode ecosystem.
  4. Early access to test and review new Mode product releases and ecosystem projects.
  5. Competitive rewards for their contributions.


Coops members’ responsibilities are tailored to their specialties. Key tasks include:

  1. Content Creation: Developing content highlighting Mode’s ecosystem progress, educational videos, long-form content, and high-quality infographics.
  2. Amplification: Distributing Mode’s content across high-engagement channels, seeking mentions on top publishers, exploring new channel opportunities, and driving conversations about Mode.
  3. Localization: Translating and localizing content to expand Mode’s presence in native-speaking language communities.


Coops members receive monthly compensation based on their technical proficiency.

Profile Diversity: Mode actively seeks diverse profiles for the Cooperators program, including technical content writers, developer relations specialists, developer influencers, non-technical content writers, technical video creators, community moderators, event managers, and designers.

How to apply

To join the Cooperators program, individuals can complete the Cooperators form, sharing information about past experiences, such as moderating groups, publishing content in regional publications, and creating video/written content on social media. Creativity is encouraged during the application process.

Selection Process:

Mode will choose 5 technical ambassadors and 5–10 non-technical ambassadors. A 1–2 week trial period may be included in the selection process. Applications are welcome at any time, encouraging interested individuals to apply when the opportunity arises.

Upon application, Mode will provide updates to applicants, and those selected will become valuable contributors to the Mode ecosystem.