Merlin Starter Ambassador Program

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Merlin Starter Ambassador Program

Welcome to Merlin Starter, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the native assets landscape and strengthen the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem within the Merlin Chain. Our mission is to supercharge asset circulation, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of assets on the Merlin Chain, and in doing so, pushing the boundaries of the crypto space.

Our Vision at Merlin Starter:

  1. Accelerating Asset Circulation: By harnessing the power of our platform, we strive to boost the liquidity of assets on the Merlin Chain, ultimately providing users with a more efficient and enjoyable trading experience.
  2. Unlocking Native Assets Across Protocols: We are dedicated to enabling the seamless movement of assets across multiple protocols, fostering a thriving ecosystem of Bitcoin-based assets.

Let’s work together to break down traditional barriers in asset circulation, empowering emerging projects with a robust launchpad to succeed and flourish. The future of the crypto space is here, and it’s on the Merlin Chain!

Merlin Starter KOL Program Application

Welcome to the Merlin Starter KOL Ambassador Program application! We are thrilled to potentially collaborate with influential individuals such as yourself. To help us better understand your background and qualifications, please fill out the following form.

By becoming an approved KOL, you will receive various incentives from the Merlin Starter platform, including exclusive access to a whitelist of premium IDO projects. We’re excited to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with you in the Merlin Chain ecosystem!

Please note that your application will be thoroughly reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome in due course. We appreciate your interest and look forward to potentially collaborating with you!

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