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The LABEL Foundation’s Tracks Ambassador Program is a pioneering initiative offering a distinctive opportunity for passionate individuals committed to the LABEL Foundation’s mission. Ambassadors play a vital role in enhancing the LABEL Foundation brand, sharing experiences, and contributing to community growth.


Program Details

Ambassador Eligibility:

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including community builders, content creators, developers, traders, community moderators, and music enthusiasts.

Ideal ambassadors exhibit a passion for learning, a commitment to the LABEL community, and the ability to actively promote the LABEL Foundation on various social media channels.


  • Shape the future of music and Web3 communities.
  • Be part of a revolutionary movement and contribute to a larger cause.
  • Embrace innovation in the intersection of music and Web3 with endless possibilities.
  • LABEL Foundation leads in Web3 communities, integrating blockchain into the music industry. The innovative TRACKS DApp and Web3 initiatives are transforming the game for music enthusiasts and creators. Ambassadors contribute to this transformative journey and the future of music and Web3.