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Gamic Ambassador Program: Empowering Nigerian Students and Graduates in Web3 and Esports

Gamic, a decentralized messaging platform, has launched an ambitious initiative called the Gamic Ambassador Program. The program aims to onboard 1 million Nigerians to Web3 education and esports by targeting university students and graduates passionate about these emerging fields.

As a Gamic Ambassador, you will:

  • Create and foster a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for gaming and Web3
  • Encourage fellow students and graduates to sign up for the Gamic app and participate in its offerings
  • Collaborate with other ambassadors to drive engagement, growth, and adoption within the Nigerian gaming and Web3 communities
  • Gain valuable skills, experience, and networking opportunities within the fast-growing fields of Web3 and esports

Gamic offers its ambassadors:

  • Opportunities to earn rewards and incentives for successful community building and engagement
  • Access to exclusive events, resources, and support from the Gamic team
  • Recognition as a leader within the Nigerian gaming and Web3 communities

By joining the Gamic Ambassador Program, you’ll have the chance to play an active role in shaping the future of gaming and Web3 in Nigeria.

Official links:

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