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FON – EVM-compatible blockchain network, is happy to announce its first development grant for blockchain developers to create more adoption in its ecosystem. The grant is open for new project development, existing dApps on the FSC blockchain networks, and many more.

FSC Achievements in 2024:

  • Publishing the first development grant for web3 builders.
  • Token surpassing previous ATH of 2023.
  • Discussions with multiple multi-chain protocols for integration into FSC network and dApps.

Current Focus:

  • Numerous structures are being developed behind the scenes for further growth.
  • The recent development of the FSC AMBASSADOR PROGRAM.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Exposure to the FON Smart Chain team, allowing close collaboration with key builders.
  • Access to protocol builders on the FON network, becoming a frontrunner in discussions about FSC.
  • Opportunity to earn $FON token rewards, including salaries and other undisclosed procedures.

Qualifications for Ambassadors:

  • Industry expertise in Web3, DeFi, and Blockchain networks.
  • Solid community presence and experience in the niche.

Apply here: FSC Ambassador Program

For further assistance, contact us by links down below: