Flamingo Finance Dashboard-ATHON: Innovative Dashboard Challenge

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Flamingo Finance Dashboard-ATHON: Innovative Dashboard Challenge with 1,000+ GAS Rewards

Flamingo Finance, a leading DeFi platform on the Neo blockchain, has launched the Dashboard-ATHON, a three-month-long event inviting participants to create innovative data visualization tools, interactive bots, and educational displays using Flamingo Finance and Neo blockchain data.

Key Elements of the Flamingo Finance Dashboard-ATHON:

  • Dashboard Creation: Participants develop unique and engaging dashboards showcasing various insights and analytics related to Flamingo Finance and the Neo blockchain ecosystem.
  • Interactive Bots and Tools: Entrants may also create interactive bots or other creative tools that offer an enhanced user experience and contribute to the Flamingo Finance community.
  • Educational Displays: Dashboards and tools should be designed to provide valuable educational resources, helping users better understand and navigate the world of decentralized finance.

Benefits of Participating in the Flamingo Finance Dashboard-ATHON:

  • Generous Rewards: With a prize pool of over 1,000 GAS, participants have the opportunity to earn significant rewards for their innovative creations.
  • Community Engagement: By taking part in the Dashboard-ATHON, entrants engage with the Flamingo Finance community, fostering connections and collaborations within the DeFi space.
  • Advancing DeFi Innovation: Participants contribute to the advancement of decentralized finance by creating user-friendly and educational tools, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and explore new opportunities in the DeFi landscape.

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