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The dappOS Ambassador Program invites users to represent dappOS in their local regions, fostering a sense of global community. dappOS is a platform that empowers developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) through blockchain technology.


Program Overview

The Ambassador Program provides diverse roles, including Community Moderators, Translators, Content Creators, and Event Organizers/Local Representatives. The overarching goal is to fortify the community, enhance dappOS’s visibility, and offer more avenues for user involvement.


Assigned Tasks

Community Moderators: Oversee and moderate dappOS’s online communities on platforms like Telegram, Discord, Reddit, etc. This involves responding to queries, offering support, and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

Translators: Translate dappOS’s content, including blog posts, whitepapers, and the website, into various languages, ensuring precision and quality.

Content Creators: Develop engaging and informative content about dappOS, covering articles, videos, podcasts, tutorials, etc. Distribute this content across multiple platforms to broaden its reach.

Event Organizers/Local Representatives: Coordinate and host dappOS-related events in your region, such as meetups, workshops, hackathons, etc. Additionally, represent dappOS at local gatherings, conferences, and cultivate connections with potential partners and users.



Tools and Resources: Access necessary tools and resources essential for success as an ambassador, including training materials, marketing kits, and swag.

Rewards and Incentives: Receive tokens, bonuses, merchandise, and other incentives as a recognition of your contributions and efforts.

Recognition and Exposure: Garner recognition and exposure for your ambassadorial work, with opportunities to be featured on dappOS’s website, social media, newsletters, etc.

Access and Support: Enjoy access to the core dappOS team, along with dedicated support from the Ambassador Support team. Participate in exclusive calls and events with the team and fellow ambassadors.


Application Process

Complete the required information.

Submit your application and await the team’s response.