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An EVM-compatible blockchain powered by Bitcoin, utilizing a blend of delegated Proof-of-Work and delegated Proof-of-Stake.

Program Details

The Core Ambassador Program aims to empower and acknowledge proactive community members contributing to the Core ecosystem. The program maintains a three-tiered structure, tailored to varying skill sets and levels of engagement within the web3 space.

The program comprises three levels:

Level 1

Who you are:

– Informed Core community member

– Capable of simplifying complex concepts

– Enthusiastic about the Core brand

– Dedicated to aiding Core’s scalability

What to do:

– Generate and translate content for the Core community (blog articles, threads, videos, tweets)

– Ensure content is educational, engaging, and meaningful


– Access to an exclusive content channel on Discord for early information

– Exclusive NFT and potential CORE rewards

Level 2

Who you are:

– Valuable member with web3 connections

– Highly communicative and well-versed in web3

– Devrel experiences are a plus

What to do:

– Host local meetups and attend conferences

– Represent Core at events to attract new users and projects

– Exude confidence and be a trustworthy representative


– Exclusive swag

– Potential travels

– Access to tools and resources from the team

– Potential CORE rewards and an exclusive NFT

Level 3

Who you are:

– Technically proficient member

– Understands Core’s technology, including its consensus mechanism and link to Bitcoin

– Can be a dev, hacker, engineer, programmer, or have any tech-related role

What to do:

– Provide technical support for the Core community

– Generate technical content (blog articles, threads, videos)

– Attend hackathons and develop tools for the Core ecosystem

– Opportunity to lead to a full-time role at Core DAO


– Compensation based on contributions

– Exposure from the Core main X account

– Access to a dev-only channel with the team

– Exclusive swag

– Potential CORE rewards

– An even more exclusive NFT

How to apply

Fill out the updated form at the provided link. If you’ve already submitted an application, kindly resubmit it.