Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Hackathon: Thena Arena Points System Innovation

Collaborating on Innovative Solutions for Thena Arena and the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem


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The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Hackathon, in partnership with Thena Arena, invites developers, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts to collaborate on developing a points system that fosters engagement and incentivizes sustainable practices within Thena Arena and the broader BSC ecosystem.


Key Objectives of the BSC Hackathon:

  • Developing a Points System: Create an innovative points system that rewards users for their contributions to Thena Arena and aligns with the platform’s sustainability goals.
  • Promoting Sustainability: Encourage environmentally-conscious practices within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and showcase the potential of blockchain technology in addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Fostering Collaboration: Work alongside fellow developers, innovators, and Thena Arena team members to share ideas, insights, and expertise in creating a robust and engaging points system.

Benefits of Participating in the BSC Hackathon:

  • Mentorship and Support: Access guidance and support from Binance Smart Chain and Thena Arena experts to help refine your ideas and solutions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow developers, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts to expand your network and explore potential collaborations within the BSC ecosystem.
  • Prizes and Recognition: Compete for attractive prizes, as well as the opportunity to have your points system integrated into Thena Arena, gaining exposure and recognition within the blockchain and sustainability communities.


Participate in the Binance Smart Chain Hackathon and contribute your skills, creativity, and passion for blockchain technology to help drive innovation, sustainability, and community engagement within Thena Arena and the broader BSC ecosystem.