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Avalanche Ambassador DAO Beta Launch

The Avalanche Foundation introduced the beta of the Avalanche Ambassador DAO to boost the Avalanche Network. Ambassadors will aid in expanding the network and attracting new users. Participants from various backgrounds globally can join the DAO, attend events, and enhance their platforms and careers.

Purpose of the DAO

The aim is to empower Avalanche community members to establish one of the largest DAOs and ambassador programs in Web3. Applications for joining are now open.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

As an Avalanche Ambassador, you’ll:

  • Gain extensive knowledge about Avalanche
  • Organize community events
  • Create engaging online content
  • Integrate Avalanche into universities
  • Enhance your status by contributing to the DAO
  • Flexible participation according to your schedule
  • Advocate for the Avalanche ecosystem

Rewards for Ambassadors

  • Gain valuable Web3 experience
  • Receive free tickets to Avalanche Summit III
  • Access exclusive networking events
  • Collaborate with Ava Labs team
  • Opportunities for funding events and bounties
  • Receive Avalanche merchandise

How to Apply

Submit your resume by the application deadline on March 29th.

Fill the Form

DAO Structure

  • Senate: Oversees the program, provides support, and approves funding.
  • Ambassador Tiers:
    • Elite Ambassadors: Top contributors with deep understanding of Avalanche tech.
    • Sr. Ambassadors: Consistent contributors with leadership opportunities.
    • Ambassadors: Officially recognized contributors with access to bounties and funding.
    • Cadets: Entry-level participants with training provided.

Join the Conversation

Connect with the Avalanche community to stay updated and become an Ambassador.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is a scalable smart contracts platform with fast transaction finalization. Its consensus protocol and toolkit enable developers to launch custom blockchain solutions on an eco-friendly platform designed for Web3 development.

Official links:

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