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Interswap is a pioneering cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) that enables seamless and secure swapping of native assets across various blockchain networks. By leveraging LayerZero technology, Interswap eliminates the need for intermediaries, wrapped assets, or bridge tokens, ensuring a trustless and efficient experience. The platform’s unified liquidity and composable design empower users to execute decentralized cross-chain swaps with a single transaction, driving innovation in the DeFi landscape.




IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Jan 27, 2024 – Jan 29, 2024
IDO (OccamRazer Launchpad): TBA – TBA
IDO (Decubate Launchpad): Mar 05, 2024 – Mar 05, 2024
Token supply: 100,000,000 ISWAP
Total tokens for sale: 800,000 ISWAP

Token info

Ticker: ISWAP
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 ISWAP = 0,15 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT


IDO Rounds and launchpads

1) Decubate: Date – TBA; Raised – 200.000$; Price – 0.25$; Tokens For Sale – 800,000

2) OccamRazer: Date – 6 Mar — 7 Mar 2024 [Ended]; Raised – 100.000$; Price – 0.15$; Tokens For Sale – 666,667

Participating guidance for IDO launchpads

1) Decubate is a platform that simplifies the launch and management of tokens for Web3 projects. It offers a suite of services, including token management, staking, market making, and tokenomics consultancy. Here is a short summary how to get involved in IDO process

  1. Staking $SFUND:

To participate in Decubate’s IDOs visit official website: and fill the application form for the new user partnership, after that you need to stake $SFUND tokens.

Staking makes you eligible for Initial Game Offers (IGOs).

  1. Initial Game Offers (IGOs):

IGOs allow you to purchase game tokens before others.

By staking $SFUND, you gain access to IGOs and can invest in promising projects.

  1. Consult with Experts:

Decubate offers tokenomics consultancy.

Consult market-leading experts to revise tokenomics and sale strategies for a successful IDO and sustainable long-term token economics.

  1. Get Involved:

Everyone starts with the Base tier and can participate in events without spending any tokens.

Explore Decubate’s offerings and learn about partner projects to earn airdrops.

  1. Referral System:

Help expand the community by referring others and earn rewards through the fully decentralized referral system (coming soon).


Project team

Konstantin Rmz

Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry Smirnov

Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Kumar


Aaron barboza

Community & Marketing

Roman Arkhip

Blockchain Developer

Booker Woodford

Head of Business Development

Andrey Edounov

Front-end Lead

Mukhsin Kadyrov

Frontend Developer


Paul K.

Strategic Advisor


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